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Small but useful oil seal proof flanging tool for repairing Stihl MS660 066 Holzfforma G660 chainsaws. Product link:
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FarmerTec G388 cutting very hard wood with hand filed .404 and .375 chains Holzfforma G388
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FarmerTec G372xp cutting with 80cm bar Huztl/FarmerTec website:
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FarmerTec G388 with Holzfforma chain and bar at work Huztl/FarmerTec website:
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G372xp cutting
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Those JonCutters, both of them are good running little saws. For $100 and $110?? They are SOOO Much better than the typical Poulan based home owner saw. Better than those low end 240's and even the 017/170 based saws. For half the money.
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Took it out on a cold day and just ran the thing. It actually ran pretty well! Its certainly a match of any OEM stock saw. And the power is solid especially at the lower RPM's.
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First, this saw has a few things in its future, like being a BETTER than g372xp place to start a warmed up saw build because of the intake. Also better than the g372 because of the cases.
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